Are you looking to design and make your own lanyards?Let us know, we have graphic artists who are waiting to help you create your very own design.  This service is FREE to you when you make your custom lanyards with us!  We take the extra step to be sure you get complete customer satisfaction, to ensure you are getting the best product available.  We will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the quality product you deserve!

The lanyards we help you create can be used in many different varieties for any organization.  Lanyards can promote pride in your company and be an excellent marketing tool.  When you combine the best available material with expert craftsmanship you get a lasting token that showcases the pride and hard work that your organization is known for.  Enjoy your lanyard making experience with Lanyards For Anything, a Coins For Anything Inc. company.

Get started right away!  All we need from you is a picture, slogan, logo, etc.  Once we have your image we do the rest for you! Our graphic artists will turn your image into a digital rendering.  You will be able to view the digital design of your lanyard for proofing before the actual lanyards are produced.  It is that simple!  Just take a look at some of the lanyards we already designed.